Here it is, The brand new cover to my new release

I am very proud of this and my graphic designer I am working with did a phenomenal job with it! She had sent me 11 mock ups which I rejected. I went back over what I envisioned and she came back with this. Superb. It’s so cool to work with someone who can see your vision and make it come to life.

Just waiting now. Absolutely everything is finished. I was sent the final draft to everything late last night and stayed up until one-thirty this morning, going over everything and making the rest of the final decisions that needed to be made.

It’s so close now. I am generally a very patient person but as the days go on, the anticipation of holding it and smelling the newness of its pages is weighing on me. I can’t wait for everyone to read it. I can only hope that you guys love it as much as I do.

Also, this will now be the only way that you can read it. It will be taken down from ChapterBuzz. But, this is the best version with all the editing and fixing up. So much better than before!

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My dream has come true and book was released a little over a month ago! In less than a month, I’ve sold nearly 60 copies! It’s available on in Paperback format, kindle format and it’s currently on Kindle unlimited for a limited time!! The paperback is 12.99, the kindle 3.99, and Kindle unlimited promotion is free!!

Go check it out and show me your support! If you’re local to me, I’ll be happy to sign it!

Thank you so much ahead of time!

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Welcome and Make yourself at home!

I want to welcome you to my page! Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I am currently updating everything so be sure to come back often!

My debut novel will be released April of 2023. “Desires of the Heart.” The second book in the series, “Forbidden Desires,” will be released in the fall of 2023, and the third and final book of the series will be released next year.

This is my life-long dream and it’s coming true! I must say, it’s absolutely surreal to say the least. I have wanted this since 2015. I have always written since I learned how to. I didn’t really think of doing it as a career until 2017 when I wanted to read a book I couldn’t find anywhere. That’s when “Desires of the Heart” was born. It then became a hunger in my soul. After many rejections and tears, I tabled it. Discouragment crept in and the lack of self confidence I already had took over.

It was until the year 2022, when I decided I had, had enough. I can write tons of books with no problem but why if I’m only going to do it as a hobby? I reached out to Timothy Pike, my editor on, and said, “You know, I’m tired of being afraid. I don’t want to not do this anymore.” So starting early at the end of 2022, the plan was put into motion and here we are. On the cusp of my first novel being released with many more to follow.

To everyone everywhere who has been a part of this journey with me, thank you and here we go! I couldn’t have gotten this far doing this alone and I remember each and everyone of you!



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Life Changers

I went to put this on Facebook and realized it would be way too long. I’m a writer, I can’t write anything short or that should be short in a certain platform. Thank goodness for WordPress! I am experiencing writer’s block and haven’t been able to write for about two weeks almost. But, this came to mind as I was sitting in the sun-room this morning. 

I went through life before these past two months, for the last nineteen years, thinking that we would be in the same situation for the rest of our lives. Granted, we had talked about moving to an apartment after the dogs and cats passed away and the girls moved out but at that moment, you begin to think, no we won’t, we will stay here. Just because that is what you are used to. It’s the same, it’s comfortable; predictable. Well, things changed. We had a lot of things going on and we had outgrown our house ten-fold. The first step was taken and then, we ran; afraid to keep going but knowing there was too much to lose if we stopped. We changed. We went harder than we ever had. We put our best group of feet forward and here we are.

Life changing moments.

Things you once thought were impossible and wouldn’t ever happen, are happening and there isn’t any way to slow them down. But they are possible because we believe.

I once thought that certain things were impossible and wouldn’t ever come to pass. I had my faith and my family and that’s what is most important, but because of my faith, I am learning the right way that life should be, not how I think it should be. It’s scary but it’s needed.

Moving was the best thing that ever could’ve happened to us. It showed me that if you want things to change, you have to get up out of your chair and change them. It’s possible to have change in your life. Albeit scary, do it anyway. The old life gone, the new life emerging. It’s almost like when you ask Christ into your heart to be your savior. The old you is gone and the new you is being born. Same concept. I was sheltered; afraid, unknowing of many things and doubtful in everything.

But what happens when you change the way you look at things? It can be brilliant!

I think inevitably it is all in how we look at it.

I’m rambling sorry, writers block does that to me.

Let’s cut to the chase. Back in the last two weeks of June, things started to change and I think God used this to get through to me. He said “Look, I have provided you and your family this great home, now watch what else can happen when you start to change your perception. Look at life my way, not your way. Things you never believed possible are going to start happening.”

A turning point.

I started watching Nc Squatch-Watchers when we lived at our old house. We  talked through Facebook messenger and on their live chats as well. We formed a friendship.

I found out they were coming to Waynesboro Va. which isn’t too far from us. But still never believed I would meet them. I told Zach on the way to church the week prior to their coming, that they would be there and he said he would take me.

Impossibility became Reality!

The day we made the two hour trip to meet them was the moment I needed and God used that, as well as the move, to show me that the only one limiting me from doing anything in life is, me. I can do all things through him because he makes it possible, you only have to believe.

Look at all the people who go on America’s Got Talent for example. They want something so bad that they’re willing to make sacrifices to get there to follow their dream, passion, heart. Why haven’t I done that? Why haven’t I believed in myself that much? Where would I be today if I had?

I’ve  learned a lot of life lessons in these few short months since the move. I am more than what I see myself as. I’m scared to move forward but again, am not going to sit still any longer. It’s time to live my life the way it was meant to be lived.

The popular saying goes, and if you read my article for July in Books and Buzz magazine, you will see this as well, “Make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never Change.”
There comes a point in your life when you say ok, enough is enough. I am sick of the old way and I want to try the new way. The old way doesn’t work for me. I’m sick of struggling. Bon Jovi says it best. “It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t going to live forever, I just want to live while I’m alive.”



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How To’s or How Not’s

I’ve been married for twenty years this year. My husband and I only dated for five months before tying the knot. Yes…five whole months.

You know how it in the beginning of a relationship. Everyone is happy and in love and everyone is just full of butterflies and rainbows. But we knew. We knew that we were the ones that were to be together forever. I don’t really know how to describe it really, it’s just a gut instinct, you “feel” that it’s right and you go with it. When he and I got together, I had a child from a previous relationship. She had just turned five months old at the time. She would go on dates with us. We always went to our favorite spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway. She would sleep and we would talk all night long. We would then leave the parkway and go to Denny’s for coffee and breakfast. We did this every night he didn’t have to work. It was great. We lived in an apartment of a friend of ours for a small amount of time. When it was time for us to start paying the bill, we did what any other broke person would do…we shamelessly left without a forwarding address. Yes, it was stupid but hey, it’s what we did and I am sure we are not the only ones that have done that.

I called him on a Thursday, the third of November, “I want to get married.” I said. “I’ll be there in an hour.” was his reply. We went down to the courthouse and got the marriage license and we got married in a preachers home in Salem, Va. We were given thirty dollars as a gift and he did what any other man would do…Maybe. Now, I am really going to age myself but, here goes. We took that thirty dollars to Walmart, he went in and bought the newest Brittney Spears tape and a copy of The Blair Witch project book and with that, we were broke, again.

The first year in our marriage was rough to say the least. We had good times and bad times just like any couple. We would argue and then make up and then threaten to divorce, you know, a typical first year marriage. We haven’t ever had a honeymoon so to speak, even after twenty years. We’ve lived and loved and raised/raising children our whole marriage. Growing pains happen in every relationship. Sacrifices made all the same.

I entitled this blog How To’s or How not’s because, you can either take this advice and see it as “How To” do things or you can look at this and think, wow she is crazy and see it as a “How Not” to do things. Either way, I hope it’s something you can use.

Let me tell you “How To” do something and you can all take it to the bank. Love your husband or wife in all their flaws. Women can come with many but men can as well. There is not one spouse greater than the other. We are all equal partners on the same team. At night when you go to bed, no matter how angry or frustrated you have gotten with one another, you have to realize that you are still on the same team. Women get the wrap of being too needy or too emotional. I think that is fair at times to say that but the truth is, is we are not like that all the time. Men at times, can be just as needy and just as emotional. It’s called being human. These are our daily flaws. I will be consistent with my over-emotional state. My husband can tell you. If it comes to over-reacting, I would get the award every time.

Never stop enjoying each other’s company, ever. They are your best friend. They are the one who will be there for you when everyone else has turned their back. It boggles the mind to see men and women step away from the relationship and not truly work on it. I heard a story today of someone who was in a relationship for seven years. He had proposed but with him working nights and them working on two different schedules, she got lonely and bored and crossed the line. Needless to say, they broke up and he ended waiting several months to be able to separate from her based on living conditions and cars etc.

My husband worked nights some before we got together and then five years of our marriage at the beginning. We had our first daughter and added another shortly after marriage. We spent the time we had together changing diapers and wiping faces. When he was on night shifts, it was difficult for both of us. We were operating on two different schedules. As I was getting our children and myself settled for bed, he was getting up and getting ready for work. I would say the first fiver years of our marriage, we saw  each other maybe a couple hours a day tops. He would come home some nights around four in the morning. I would get up and fix cheeseburgers for him or sausage biscuits. I would go back to bed when he did. As he looks back now, he feels as if he has missed so much of their lives. But he was doing what any good provider does. I worked, don’t get me wrong but I couldn’t make what he did to cover things. I also didn’t work for awhile because childcare is so ridiculous. If we both worked, I would simply be working to pay a sitter. It just wasn’t feasible nor did it do any good to add to our bank account.

Appreciate one another’s time. We have eighty-six thousand-four hundred seconds in a day. Step back from yourself and what you have going on and take bare minimum sixty of those seconds and tell your significant other how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them. It doesn’t take a lot of time to express your feelings for someone. Be sincere. If you love them, let them know. It may be a small thing to you, but to them it could make their whole day. Just take a moment and share it with them. You will find yourself needing more and more of those moments.

I can go on and on with these but I will stop here. I have twenty years of continuation. In conclusion remember these things.

Stop thinking you have it worse than your spouse. We all have sacrifices to make and that we have made.

Take time for one another. On your day off, go to the zoo, play golf, go to a game. Whatever it is you enjoy doing together, do that.

Value one another.

Love each other and always be there for one another. Life is hard and you were blessed to have been given a life partner to share it with to help you through the hard times and to be there to enjoy the good times with you.



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So, this week is EMS Week. Everyday of my life for the last twenty years, has been EMS week. Simply because, my husband is a paramedic. It’s in his blood. He eats, sleeps, and breathes it. Actually, the sleeping part is optional and ever dependent on taking calls to help out employees in the middle of the night or on an ambulance helping people who’s lives are at risk. I have to laugh when people call them merely “Ambulance Drivers.” If they knew all of what they did behind the scenes and all the training and schooling that they have done, they would see that, that’s not all they are. They aren’t simply drivers who turn on lights to a box truck and blare a siren every chance they get. It’s not about that. If you asked every spouse to someone in EMS, you would hear the same thing. For me, I see first-hand the sacrifices that are made and the trouble that is faced everyday. The in’s and out’s of medicine, insurance woes,danger to their personal safety, and the lack of appreciation they deal with. But that doesn’t bother them. They don’t do what they do for a pat on the back or to be recognized. They do what they do because they took an oath to be there, to run in when everyone else is running out. Simply because they love their job.

If they’re married or in a relationship, they take that on as well.
Some have asked me personally, “Is it hard being married to someone in this field?” Long ago when I was young, I claimed I would never marry someone who is a first-responder. I didn’t want to kiss them before they left never knowing if they would return home. I then met my husband and all that changed. Short answer of that question though is no, it’s not hard being married to someone in that field. You make sacrifices everyday along with them. You carry the load of things going on at home and me personally, I try to take as much off his shoulders as I can. You try to be there for them as much as possible if they’ve had a bad day or ran bad calls. Mostly all they need though, is a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to them. When they come home, they do still carry the weight of all they did that day and everything they dealt with. Be patient with them, sometimes it’s a load. They deal with anxiety, depression, PTSD, a whole array of things, but more times than not, that part of them gets tucked neatly away into their pocket because when they’re in the field, their focus isn’t on themselves but yet, about the person who called needing assistance.

In the end however, they are still humans. The have feelings and emotions and needs. Some of them jaded but all of them still human. So when you see someone in EMS, remember the words that have been written here today. They are not just “Ambulance Driver’s.” They’re human beings who have chosen this field, whom hold it honorably, to do for society that which has been laid before them, to care for the sick, no matter the color of their skin, where they come from, the money in their pocket, or the title in which they hold.

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Not Just a Bunch of Hooey

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

As you can see, I like titles. If I write something, it has to have a title even if it’s merely a word. I try to make them fun. I personally, like the word hooey. It sounds like gooey and most anything that is gooey is either fun or tastes good. Not mentioning the things are gross and gooey. Those I don’t handle well. But I like Hooey. It’s a nice way of saying B.S. and still being proper and kid friendly. Plus most people in the “writing” world are turned off by swear words unless appropriately placed in an amped up scene in an action or thriller novel. I have been known though, to throw my grandmother’s favorite swear word around a time or two. It’s mainly the present that my 19 year old, indoor cat leaves at my bedroom door. (Insert word gooey here, blech) anyways. I guess he figures that since he can’t bring a mouse from outside that he has to do something to show he loves me.

Wow have I ever gotten off track!! Squirrel moment, sorry.

So I did a thing and I’m nervous about the thing I did! I finished my novel and then sent it off for possible publication to not one place, but two! I sent it off to Carina as I mentioned in an earlier blog through submittable. Well on submittable, it says received when you send it. I let almost a week go by and checked it yesterday morning and it now says “In-Progress.” Now, if you research that on the internet, some say it can sit like that forever but, the reason it says that is that it has been “handled” in some sort of way. I guess it’s better than sitting in received purgatory forever right?

So I searched for another publishing company to send it to while waiting and to ensure that it’s has a fighting chance in the world of writing to go on to be awesome! I went back through and line edited again, because writers are ocd, and sent it off to Forever Yours which is an impress of a publishing company that has completely slipped my mind at the moment 😉 anyways. Forever Yours has easy submission guidelines and not a bunch of red tape. You know the ones-double spaces, 12 point font, your name in Roman numerals, encrypted speech blah blah blah, I don’t get those. Like why all the fluff? So I’m waiting for the email saying they received it. I sent it on a weekend day, typical.

Now, not only did I send that off. I was feeling rather bold and sent off one of my never released children’s stories. Two I have on Amazon but my degree isn’t in marketing so they’re currently holding a spot on Amazon on my author page. Which by the way, if you would like to see them, they are at and then search my name. I tried to share the link but it didn’t come through.

Waiting for the response times on all of those and writing my second novel in the process.

The response time for Carina Press is 12 weeks. The response time for Forever Yours is 8 weeks and the response time time for Ripple Press, the children’s publisher, is 5 months. Hurry up and wait. Such is life in the writing world.

So there’s all my Hooey.

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Dacia M Arnold-Award Winning Author



Where do I begin? At the best place, I guess, last year. I met Dacia Arnold through Chapter Buzz when she and I were both writing on our novels. We were, at the time, both doing the 10K Novel Writing Challenge, which in essence is, you write ten thousand words in a month. Sounds easier than what it is. But within the challenge, you could also read others’ stories and give feedback on them as well. I remember vaguely, her making a comments on mine. It was after-all, a year ago. I struggle to remember five minutes ago. There are several other things that can be done on that site like story prompts etc. and we both participated in those as well.

I don’t know her personally, as in, seen her face to face, as she lives a world away from me it seems , but we have gotten to know one another online and through her Facebook live videos. Let me tell you, she is getting things done! She is happily married and an awesome mom to two little ones. She is a ten year Army veteran having two tours of duty under her belt as a medic. She is so extremely humble. You can’t tell by looking at her or talking to her, that she reached Amazon #1 Bestseller back in November or that she has two of the coolest books out! When you talk to Dacia, it’s automatically like you’re talking to a friend.

I got her First Diazem Novella on black Friday.

Dacia was running a special on Amazon and I was able to download her book “Reactance” at that time. Even though my forte’ is romance and hers, Adult Dystopian and Dark Fiction, her style of writing sucked me in. I read the whole novella in a few days time; only interrupted by this thing we call life. But as soon as I could, I had my nose back in her book.  Reactance will suck you into it’s world and have you turning the pages as fast as you can to see what happens next.

Sasha Bowman, and eighteen year old high school senior whom is about to graduate, just a normal girl right-or is she? A gift was given to her. One she never asked for and one she probably wouldn’t keep if she could get rid of it. A dormant gene awakened in her and the consequences are catastrophic in this tale. Dacia’s novella can be found on

I purchased Dacia’s other book Apparent Power this evening and can’t wait to jump into it! I know, coming from her, that it will be just as intriguing as Reactance. The sneak peak she offers you of Apparent Power at the end of Reactance, will make you rush out and get it. I can definitely recommend getting both books together.

She has other books that will be coming out next year within this trilogy. Shifting Power, is due to be released in 2019 and Releasing Power will be out in 2020.

I will take full responsibility for your Dacia Fever! Jump on the bandwagon. Join us in celebrating and supporting her books, her success, and most importantly- a Dream that she made come true!




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Outside Shenanigans: Adventures in Ice

Sooo, in addition the blog I wrote last night let me just go ahead and add this little nugget here. Alright, so we had 15 inches of snow and when snow melts and it’s 18 degrees and your road isn’t plowed that well, it turns to ice. I take my daughter to work this morning and I do a cool 5mph down our road. I totally bypass the stop sign, no one is coming anyways and then drive out of the neighborhood on the left side of the street. Yes, that is the wrong lane but the only clear lane and again, no one was coming. I get her to work with no issue.

The apartment complex her client lives in that she cares for is blacktop. Not just any blacktop…Shiny blacktop and we allll know what that means. Yeah buddy, more ice. Go ahead and enter the ugh effect right here. So I’m on the decline right and I have my foot so hard on the break before I got to the ice (important to note that I did not break on the ice) and I’m paralyzed with fear. See last year, I got stuck, on a hill. You see where I’m going with this. My daughter is so encouraging and she’s like you can do this mom you can do it. I’m sitting there, heart pounding, palms sweaty, shaking my head. At this point I am so thankful there isn’t a car behind me in the lot. I was tempted to have her get out there but I’m a good mom and didn’t put her out.

I inch down and I’m like killing it right? I’m only doing 3 mph but I’m killin’ it. She gets out and then she almost falls walking to her clients apartment. But she made it (shew) so now, I have to go uphill on ice! (Crickets) I’m having heart palpitations just writing it. So the lot is lined with cars, the attendants are in their carts going around and there’s me and there’s ice and a hill. So I creep up it ever so slowly and I spin. I freak at this point right because it’s just me and my nine year old and she can’t drive so it all falls on me!! My heart is racing at this point. In my head I’m telling the attendants they suck but not out loud or anything because I try really hard to be a nice person and an example on how you’re suppose to act. I manage to get out of that and I hit another patch of ice and spin again.

At this point, my nine year old daughter is trying to encourage me. She says, mom, I mean it’s ok if you hit the other people, it’ll be fine. I’m like like, haha, I know you are trying to encourage me and I appreciate it but you can not hit these other peoples cars, it’s just not good to do. It will cost a lot of money and be my fault. We finally made it off the icy hill and by this point I’m truly sweating. My daughter from the back says, see I told you, you could do it. Then I’m of course white knuckle all the way home with all the rigs on the interstate and you can’t tell what is salt and what is snow. I wanted to kiss the grass when I got home I totally did! Now, I have to go back out and do it all again. If the parking lot is still icy after today, I may not say how much they suck in my head. I may actually say it out loud.

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